Blade and Soul Mobile is a fantasy TCG where players form five-card decks to battle opponents. Collect over hundreds of cards, enhancing their stats and equipping gear to make them more powerful.

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Publisher: Tencent GamesPlayerbase: HighType: Mobile TCGRelease Date: March 10, 2016 (China only)Pros: +Hundreds of cards to collect. +Hybrid of automated combat & reactive actions. +Enhancement and Gear system for cards.Cons: -Limited information available. -No Western release announced.


Blade and Soul Mobile Overview

Blade and Soul Mobile is a fantasy TCG for iOS and Android where players battle enemies using a five-card deck. Collect hundreds of cards, ranging in rarity from 1 to 7+ stars, some featuring familiar characters from the Blade and Soul franchise. Enhance and upgrade cards to improve their stats, from leveling them up to level breaking. Equip cards with weapons, armor and accessories that can be bought at the store or acquired as loot. Engage the enemy in a fast-paced hybrid combat system where cards automatically auto attack and players must press pop-up buttons to initiate separate actions such as dodging, combos, and special abilities. Journey through the single-player campaign, tackle raid boss dungeons, and play against other players in PvP battles.

Blade and Soul Mobile Key Features:

Cards with 3D Models – enjoy the cute artwork of character cards that come to life as 3D models in combat.

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Card Collection – over hundreds of cards to collect, ranging in rarity and image.Enhance and Equip – upgrade cards in various ways, from leveling them up to equipping them with gear.Hybrid Combat System – master the half-automated, half-reaction-based combat system, pressing buttons as they pop-up to perform combos, dodges, and special abilities.PvE and PvP – play through the solo story campaign, tackle boss dungeons, and test your grit against other players in PvP.

Blade and Soul Mobile Screenshots

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